Malaysian Indian Artistes Create Multilingual MCO-Based Hari Raya Song Titled ‘Waspada’

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source: UTM

Malaysia has always been home to some of the finest creative minds in the music world. Adding to that creativity is the country’s unique mix of races which have all given to and enhanced the Malaysian soundscape both respectively and together.

Local production company AVLT Production released a multilingual song which they refer to as a MCO-based Hari Raya Song for all Malaysians celebrating Eid this year. Their song titled ‘Waspada’ is performed by musician Jesudass Missier who also sang the English parts and singers Vidhya KRM who sang in Bahasa Malaysia, Kartikan Vasu in Tamil and SSP Deneswari in Mandarin.

Check it out:

AVLT Production are Malaysian-Indian artistes mainly from Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur, who have been working in the local music industry for quite some time. The inspiration behind this song was to promote racial harmony as well as to encourage and stress the importance of sustaining MCO practices while showing some love to front liners battling the Covid-19 virus.

Vidhya KRM informed JUICE that all of the performers did not come into any physical contact with each other during production and assembled the song through bits and pieces of music they recorded on their phones and shared with each other through email or Whatsapp. We commend AVLT Production and any other Malaysian(s) that’s been using their time during the MCO to create and spread love.

source: Signature Market

Check out more of AVLT Production’s work on their Youtube page!

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