Another Pregnant Animal Eats Food Laced With Fireworks

source: Sky News

Last week many netizens were left shocked and upset when a pregnant elephant died after consuming a pineapple stuffed with firecrackers. In an unfortunate case of déjà vu, yet another pregnant animal was severely injured after consuming some wheat flour, also laced with firecrackers.

source: Vocket

As seen in the photo above, the impact of the blast severely injured the cow’s jaw, leaving it disfigured. The incident took place at a farm field in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh where the cow strayed off from its owner’s farm and stumbled upon the wheat flour.

According to the Indian Express, a police official claimed that the cow wandered off into a neighbour’s field to graze on some bushes and shrubs where the explosive flour was strewn on the field.

source: Indian Express

Gurdayal Singh, the cow’s owner, accused his neighbour – Nand Lal Dhiman as the man responsible for purposefully placing the flour on his field, leading to the cow’s injuries. After Himachal Pradesh police officers confirmed this statement, Gurdayal’s neighbour was then arrested on June 6.

This incident was brought to public attention after Gurdayal uploaded a video of his cow’s injuries onto social media, which stirred a lot of anger among netizens calling for the person responsible to be punished. (WARNING: The contents of the video and picture along with it are very graphic.)

Many Indian locals claim that the practice of stuffing fireworks in food to bait invasive animals such as wild boars is fairly common. It’s one thing if an animal accidentally consumes something dangerous which wasn’t originally intended for them, as for why anybody would perform such a cruel act on purpose is beyond me.

Thankfully, the cow has been nursed back into stable condition and also gave birth to the calf it was pregnant with. It might not be my place to say, but perhaps a change in methods to scare away invasive animals should be put into consideration to avoid any future incidents such as this one.

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