Should Couples Wear Face Masks When Having Sex? Here’s What Harvard Says

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source: Malay Mail

In this new Coronavirus-ridden world we live in, the majority of us have adapted to various changes in our daily lives. Everything from the way we shop, eat and dress is now noticeably different than what we were used to before the spread of Covid-19. That being said, some experts believe that these changes should also extend to more personal matters we partake in – like having sex.

source: Tenor

scientific commentary from Harvard University researchers suggests that sexual intercourse carries the risk of transmitting the Coronavirus. While that might not be news to some, the commentary also provides a guide on the best methods to get your freak on during this pandemic while ranking different types of sexual activity based on how likely it is to catch the virus.

It’s important to note that the views expressed in this commentary are simply that and do not equate as a proper study but is instead meant to serve as a guide which healthcare providers can use to properly inform and assist patients on sexual matters during this time.

source: Mothership SG

The safest choices

It goes without saying that sexual abstinence would not put you at risk of being susceptible to the virus because it takes two to tango transmit a virus, unless of course you’ve already been infected.

Followed by abstinence is masturbation which also carries little to no risk of transmission. The only way that could happen is if another party was present while you indulged in a ménage à moi – which is weird to me, but hey, do you. However, I do wholeheartedly advocate this sexual act as I believe that self-love is of the utmost importance during trying times.

source: Inside Hook

Getting warmer

Up next on the list of risky business is phone/video-call sex. The commentary does not mention any specific way of transmission through this method. However, as troublesome as it might be, cleaning your phone every week or so (especially if you’ve been outside) would help decrease the risk of transmission even further as phone screens are known to be a magnet for harmful microorganisms.

Past that is actual physical intercourse between two (or more) individuals quarantined within the same location. This stage is where you have to be extra cautious especially if you or your partner has been outside. On the bright side, this is undeniably the safer option between going over to your partner’s place for a little sum sum.

source: Tenor

Risk it for the biscuit?

If you really cannot tahan and have the unfortunate fate of your partner being in quarantine somewhere else, I’d understand if you want to brave the storm for some nookie. That being said, there’s still some things you can do to make that journey a tad bit safer.

Individuals who find themselves in this situation are advised to wear a mask and avoid kissing each other. Control your kinks as well and minimise or completely skip foreplay which involves using the mouth.

Once the deed is done and you’ve had your cigarette, all parties involved in the sexual act should take a shower and disinfect the play area with either soap or alcohol wipes. Change your sheets kalau rajin as it would further decrease the risk of infection.

source: Favim

To sum it all up, abstinence and masturbation are the safest sexual acts but should you find yourself travelling to another location for sex, at the very least wear a mask while on the way there and even after you’ve reached and most importantly, avoid mouth play. It might be hard, but it’s definitely the safest approach in the long run.

I leave you, dear reader, with a tune to set the mood whether it be for a passionate moment after reuniting with your partner who you haven’t seen in awhile, or simply for sessions of self-love.

(*Featured image taken from Business Insider Malaysia)

Check out the full scientific commentary for a more detailed explanation on this issue.

With love, from JUICE.

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