Malaysian Guys Share Their Best Looks & Why Having That Perfect Fit Gives Them Confidence

Cover image via Kelson (provided to SAYS) & Ihsan (provided to SAYS)

1. “I like to wear fitting t-shirts and pants because it helps to highlight my muscles and makes me feel confident hehe”

Image via Jeremy (provided to SAYS)

Outfit: Black sneakers, light beige khaki pants, a simple red tee, and a thin black bomber jacket

“No lah, jk 😛 Okay, the confidence part is true. Also, I tried wearing baggy and oversized clothes before and it just makes me look soooo weird. Somehow, fitting clothes just complements my body shape better.

I usually go for muted colours like black, beige, and white because they can simply go with anything. And then, every so often I like to add a pop of colour to stand out.”

– Jeremy, 26

2. “This is my favourite outfit because it truly captures my personality. It’s fun and loud—just like me! :D”

Image via Suresh (provided to SAYS)

Outfit: Red floral-shirt with black slacks, brown leather shoes, and black cap

“I’m known the guy who speaks to literally everyone! I love socialising, and that has become part of my personality. And this themed-outfit really shows that, which is why it’s my favourite.

I love experimenting with floral shirts with different colours. To me, they give me a sense of warmth, and I’ve grown to become comfortable with it. Knowing that I’m staying true to myself is what gives me confidence!”

– Suresh, 25

3. “I’ve always liked going for ‘cosy’ outfits ’cause I get to look neat without trying too hard”

Image via Danial (provided to SAYS)

Outfit: A black t-shirt underneath a blue flannel shirt-jacket, paired with some lightly-distressed grey pants and white sneakers

“The skinny fit of the pants adds to that, plus they make me feel a lot taller than I actually am. And thanks to the short inseam, I also get to express my self through accent socks.”

– Danial, 27

4. “I always tend to go for an over-the-top look while still keeping some things neutral in the outfit”

Image via Kelson (provided to SAYS)

Outfit: An animal print (flamingo) shirt with beige shorts, as well as colour-blocking socks and sneakers.

“In this case, while everything looks colourful and quirky, the colour of the shorts kept me grounded. It made the whole look solid and not too messy to look at. And this is what I’m trying to reflect in my life too—give it a little experimentation and you never know where it’ll lead you to.

– Kelson, 23

5. “When I have no time to prepare for the perfect look, I like to wear something that’s simple, but doesn’t look too shabby at the same time”

Image via Jam (provided to SAYS)

Outfit: Black t-shirt with slim-fit khaki pants

“So, I always opt for simple black t-shirt and match it with slim-fit khaki pants. Why slim fit? ‘Cause it makes my legs look LONGER, which makes me this shorty guy much more confident. Tucking in your t-shirt is another trick to make yourself look longer too 😉

When you have no time but still wanna feel stylish, go with this! Don’t forget your mask too!”

– Jam, 27

6. “I love this sporty, smart-casual outfit because it’s both aesthetic and functional. Perfect to wear to the office or a Friday night out with friends.”

Image via Ihsan (provided to SAYS)

Outfit: Floral shirt, khaki bomber jacket, light grey ankle-length pants, and running shoes

“The more subdued colour palette of greys, blues, and earthy tones complements my feelings during this pandemic. Hahaha, I joke. I layered my loud floral shirt with my favourite khaki bomber jacket, and finished off the look with light grey ankle-length pants and running shoes.

Wearing this outfit always gives me a little confidence boost, as it creates the impression that I’m smaller than I actually am.”

– Ihsan, 25

7. “I’m a huge fan of patterned shirts because it reflects my personality, but due to the nature of my work, I have to tone it down a notch”

Image via Ding (provided to SAYS)

Outfit: Inner white tee, batik shirt, slim-fit dark blue khaki pants, grey shoes, and spaceman picture socks

“That’s why I love outfits like this. They make me feel like I’m not compromising who I am for what I do.

I tucked my inner white tee into a pair of slim-fit dark blue khaki pants to create a ‘short-torso-longer-legs’ look, with the batik shirt as an outer layer to contrast the solid colours of the outfit.

The khaki pants give me the option to button up and tuck in the batik shirt if I’m going out for a meeting. Yes, it looks kinda weird and wacky, but it’s a conversation starter, and makes me feel good about myself!”

– Ding, 23

8. “I’m quite particular whenever I shop for pants. Most pants I discover are usually too baggy or tight around my legs, and they don’t go well with my OOTD”

Image via Timothy (provided to SAYS)

Outfit: Black cap, white t-shirt, green flannel shirt, a pair of grey khakis, and black shoes

“It’s like a match made in heaven whenever I find a pair of pants that fit perfectly. They’re not only comfortable, but they also feature my legs and OOTD better, which gives me that boost of confidence!

As someone who loves wearing flannel shirts and showing off my ankles, the outfit in this photo is basically my go-to outfit, because it’s perfect for most occasions.

I feel more confident whenever I hang out with my friends or even take pictures for OOTDs. Imagine if I wear pants that are too tight or baggy, that will ruin the whole look, omg!”

– Timothy, 22

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