Charli XCX is “Obsessed With This” Music Video Edit Done by a Malaysian

Known for her futuristic electro-pop sound, Charli XCX is no stranger to most of us! The 27-year old singer gave fans the opportunity to edit and have fun with her music video for a new track called ‘Claws’, off her upcoming quarantine album, How I’m Feeling Now.

Charli’s definitely brave with this offer because basically, anyone can edit in anything! She released the non-edited cut with her dancing and performing in front of a green screen by tweeting out a WeTransfer link.

Besides the troll submissions with questionable background edits (9/11 and porn clips included), there were many cool and adorable edits – someone even did an Animal Crossing themed edit that was too cute to handle.

Yesterday, Charli took to her IG Story to share some of her favourite edits and surprisingly – one was done by a Malaysian hailing from Kuala Lumpur, who’s known on Instagram as Hirashe! The pop-star even stated that she’s “obsessed with this”.

(source: @hirashe_ Twitter)

And tbh, we understand why – out of all the edits we’ve seen so far, the video edited by Hirashe looks like a legit music video. Upon further stalking, it turns out, Hirashe is actually a freelance visual director and one of the video editors of local indie visual collective Rocket Mob.

They have done music videos for local talents like Allester Shaun, Jaggfuzzbeat, Ichu and more.

Take a look at Hirashe’s video edit for ‘Claws’ and tell me if that isn’t cool…


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#claws edited by me. shot by @huckkwong

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The 24-year old told JUICE that the direction he chose for the edit is an “ethereal-glitchy-bubblegum-pop-computer-aesthetic”. He figured that it would suit the song knowing that it was produced by 100 Gecs’ Dylan Brady, and by creating multiple Charli XCX-es in the edit, it would fit the repeating vocal lines as well.

Hirashe did a great job on this!

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