#MakeAmericaHotAgain With Paris Hilton Apparently Running for President

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( Source : The Week)

It seems that the U.S has no shortage of celebrity presidential candidates…

The madness doesn’t just stop at Kanye West’s announcement to run for president, because now, infamous hotel heiress, Paris Hilton, has teased that she is also interested in becoming the next POTUS.


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#PresidentParis ✨💕👸🏼💕✨ I like the sound of that.😉 #ThatsHot 🔥 #MakeAmericaHotAgain 🇺🇸

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In her latest series of Instagram posts, the American socialite had posted photoshopped and sensationalized pictures of herself in the oval office accompanied by hashtags that read #ParisForPresident and #MakeAmericaHotAgain. Hilton had also expressed her desires to redecorate the oval office, claiming that it needs a woman’s touch.

In another Instagram video, where she is wearing a t-shirt that reads ‘Paris Hilton for President’, the American media personality disclosed that she would choose Rihanna to be her vice president.


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#ParisForPresident ❤️💙👸🏼💙❤️

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“Rihanna, she’s beautiful and talented, I think she’ll make a great VP,” she said.

Apart from that, she plans to paint the white house pink. “White is just too boring,” she added. She also plans to have pets around, stating that there will be a no-limit pet policy in the rebranded “Pink House”.

When Paris takes over Trump’s position in the oval office.

All of this seems hard to believe because it most probably isn’t true, since there is no clear evidence of Hilton’s or even West’s plans to run for president. For all we know, this could all be another Hollywood publicity stunt.

All we can say at this point is that running for president in the U.S. seems to a running joke (no pun intended). With that, we can only imagine how the country would turn out if either Hilton or West actually fulfilled their presidential wishes.

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