The #FreeBritney Movement Exposes The Ugly Truth Behind Britney Spears’ Strange Online Behaviour

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Earlier this week, a Tik Tok video of Britney Spears acting erratic and strange aroused the suspicions of many of her fans. The now viral video has caused many netizens to create parodies out of her seemingly abnormal behaviour. Watch the clip below:


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However, all of the mockeries quickly died down after people realised that there was more to the video than meets the eye.

One TikTok account by the name of @moonwalkmars made an explanation about the singer’s conservatorship and mental state, slamming internet trolls for being insensitive about the artist’s situation. With this, the topic quickly shifted from being funny to concerning once viewers started to feel empathetic towards the singer.

In @moonwalkmars’ explanation video, which has since gained at least 7.9 million views, he claims that Spears had been given an excessive amount of antipsychotic medication which gives her the appearance of being mentally incoherent. Furthermore, he explains that she has been stripped of her rights due to her conservatorship.

With that, it is important for us to know what exactly a ‘conservatorship’ means and how it can have such a detrimental effect to a superstar like Britney Spears.

What is a conservatorship?

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By definition, a conservatorship is a form of legal guardianship of an adult. However, it can only be done through extreme legal measures, especially when the respective person cannot look after themselves. If that seems to be the case, a third legal party must approve their financial and health decisions.

Spears’ conservatorship had started since 2008 when she had several public meltdowns, which ultimately made her lose her rights to her financial assets, estate and custody to her children. This made her father, Jamie Spears, the conservator and lawyer taking control over all her finances, property and personal assets.

( Source : Us Weekly)

That being said, this might come as a shock to most people, but Spears’ conservatorship has been going on for at least 12 years now and has recently just been extended until August 2020 as reported in court documents retrieved by Entertainment Tonight. Due to this, fans of the artist are revisiting the #FreeBritney hashtag to call for the end of her conservatorship.

How has the conservatorship affected Britney Spears?

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Before her conservatorship, Spears was not doing too well. She was messing up on stage and forgetting to lip-synch parts of songs like ‘Gimme More’ as seen at the 2007 VMA’s.

Once she was under conservatorship, her appearance took a massive toll due to the medication that she was taking, making her look bloated and dishevelled. Ultimately, the public began to scrutinise her and assume that she was pregnant, not knowing the true reason behind her weight fluctuations.

There are still some recent concerns over Spears’ health as she had checked herself into a mental health facility in 2019 despite fans speculating that she was getting better.

However, according to Business Insider, Spears had insisted that she had not been manipulated, claiming that her fans do not understand her mental health and her conservatorship deal. Spears has also been active in her career since her conservatorship – releasing a few new albums, launching perfume lines and being a judge on the X-factor.

( Source : Christian Science Monitor)

Others believe that Spears’ situation is more like the famous Black Mirror episode, ‘Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too’, that depicts Miley Cyrus in situations that are far too reminiscent of real life events in Spears’ career.

( Source : The Guardian)

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Spears’ breakout album …Baby One More Time. Britney has come a long way in her career and we hope that she gets better soon and receives all the support she needs.

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