lost spaces Releases a Soundtrack Of Hope With ‘fake.guitars’

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If you love the breeziness of the old The 1975 then you’d find solace in lost.spaces, an indie pop band that had its start as the bedroom producer project of singer-songwriter Sam Lopez. Alongside Sam’s own brother Lukas Lopez (bass) and cousin Imran Marshall (drums), the boys got hold on Kean Chua (lead guitars) to create lost.spaces, a different take on music for Sam, who primarily writes with an acoustic guitar for his solo projects.

Appropriately released during the GE14 fever, the band’s latest single ‘fake.guitars’ comes from a place of hopelessness and a lack of direction in life, despite the cheery composition of the song. The song also feeds “into a semi-nihilistic and existentialist outlook that nothing really matters in life no matter what you do or how hard you try”, according to Sam, who at the time was contemplating adulthood and an uncertain future.

Sam Lopez (left), Lukas Lopez (top right), Imran Marshall (bottom right)

“It was written out of a place of hopelessness and confusion, where nothing seems to make sense. The song then evolved into a little anthem of hope, about having someone or something that keeps you going on as long and he/she is a constant that never changes so life is worth living,” says Sam.

“The concept of having an individual by your side also acts as a metaphor of faith, passion and community as bearers of meaning in a rather nihilistic and existentialist generation. When I sat down to produce it with my producer, Chief from Paperplane Pursuit, we really set out to make it a dreamy tune with plenty of vibes and he definitely brought my little demo to life with his expertise, which I appreciate so much,” he adds.

Listen to ‘fake.guitars’ below:

Watch this space for the release of their music video, and if you’re interested in watching lost.spaces live, the boys will be taking over the stages of Merdekarya on 22 May, Room 203 on 26 May and The Gaslight KL on 2 June.