LISTEN: David Soh’s Single ‘Runaway’ Is All About Taking a Leap of Faith

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No stranger to the local music scene and live music venues around town, David Soh is a force to be reckoned with for his solid vocal control and stage presence. Born in Penang but raised in Kuala Lumpur, there’s a certain shyness to the young soul and r’n’b singer, despite his bold delivery of songs by artistes with big voices like John Mayer and John Legend.

Joining the likes of local contemporary musicians like JAIE and NYK, David’s single ‘Runaway’ is a lighthearted track that stays within the spectrum of indie and r’n’b, with a standout guitar introduction that complement David’s main instrument: his voice.

Already hitting number three on the iTunes Malaysia Top Charts, the song’s organic structure is a refreshing contrast to today’s electronically condensed music, and David’s sentiment on the song is equally carefree:

“Runaway is a simple song written about trusting your heart and taking a leap of faith into the unknown. It’s a song that deals with the what-if’s in life and relationships. I feel like there’s always a certain point in everyone’s life where they just want to pack a couple of necessities in a bag, tell someone that they love how they really feel, and run away with them, and that’s the story of this song.”

Check out the single below:

Similarly, you can get the song on iTunes here. Follow David Soh on Instagram and Facebook for more updates on the singer’s music releases.