Lorry Driver Caught with 23 Bottles of Air Ketum at Roadblock

People are getting creative with their means to transport narcotics… Only a week ago, marijuana was found smuggled in our favourite breakfast food, roti canai. I mean, if you wanna wake and bake, I guess that’s the most convenient way to go…

source: Astro Awani

In Ipoh, a lorry driver has been arrested at a roadblock after being suspected of smuggling 23 plastic bottles filled with air ketum, according to Astro Awani.

source: Gerakan PENA Malaysia

For those who don’t know, air ketum is made from Kratom leaves which has opioid and stimulant-like effects. If found under your possession, you could be charged under the Poison Act.

The suspect was allowed to work during MCO by his employer. However, instead of shipping ice like he was supposed to, he was carrying 34.5 litres of air ketum.

After interrogation, the suspect confessed that it was indeed air ketum in the bottles, purposed for his personal consumption and to be sold at RM12 each. The driver is currently being investigated under Section 30(3) Poison Act 1952.

With roadblocks at every corner and the police on edge, all sorts of illegal activities have been uncovered during the MCO period including the sale of narcotics and contraband cigarettes.

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