This Factory That Manufactures for Prada and Adidas Aims to Produce 100 Million Masks, 10 Million Jumpsuits, and More

(source: Fashionista)

The fight over Covid-19 is far from over and many industries have joined to beat the pandemic in any way possible. According to Bloomberg, an Indonesian clothes factory for Prada, Armani and Adidas is now producing millions of hazardous material suits after the government sought for help.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has called on local companies for assistance as the country struggles to cope with the rising death toll. It didn’t help that Indonesia was also short of personal protective equipment (PPE), prompted some front-line health workers to wear raincoats for protection.

That’s where PT Pan Brothers came in. The factory is pumping out jumpsuits along with millions of face-masks each week, prioritised to front-line workers.

“We have already produced the first batch, which we committed to the government, which is 10 million masks and 100,000 jumpsuits… We already delivered it all. Now we are in the second phase which is up to 100 million masks, 10 million disposable jumpsuits and one million washable jumpsuits,” said Pan Brothers Vice Chief Executive Officer, Anne Sutanto in an interview.

(source: Bloomberg)

While the focus has been on domestic distribution, buyers in the U.S., Australia and Europe have also been in contact with them. Sutanto stated that the company has proposed a quota system to the government, such as supplying 80% of production to Indonesia and 20% to the world.

Pan Brothers are already producing one million washable masks per day, as well as 100,000 disposable protective suits and 30,000 washable jumpsuits per week.

“It’s not only about making money here but it’s also about how Indonesia, even though we still are in the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic, we can still help others,” Sutanto urged.

(source: Prestige Online)

While factories like them are working hard in Indonesia to help their netizens, Malaysia has its fair share of fashion designers that are giving their all to fight Covid-19 too!

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