Look at what the police found at Najib’s Residences

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(Source: Reuters)

With the 1MDB case reopened, a raid was conducted on former Prime Minister Najib’s condominium at Pavilion Residences earlier today. This was the continuation of their raid from yesterday, when the police searched Najib’s home at Taman Duta.

According to The Star, Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) director Comm Datuk Seri Amar Singh stated that these raiding are done to investigate the 1MDB case and searches were carried out at all six of Najib’s residences–in Putrajaya which is his official house, the Prime Minister’s office and 4 other residences linked to him.

What they found might be surprising for some… Here’s the list:

1. 284 boxes of designer handbags 

(Source: Straits Times)

Wait, what? 284? These are all owned by Rosmah Mansor who shamelessly carried around her designer bags such as Hermes and Louis Vuitton while her husband was Prime Minister. Was she trying to break the world-record for owning the biggest collection of handbags? Guess she can’t compete in that anymore.

2. 72 luggage bags

(Source: The Star)

With so many luggages, were Najib and Rosmah planning a very long vacation? Seems pointless now that there’s a travel ban on them. It was reported that some of those luggage contained Rosmah’s jewellery.

3. More jewellery and even watches!

(Source: WorldofBuzz)

Holy cow! It was so heavy that they had to use trolleys to haul the evidence into the lorries. According to Amar Singh the total worth of all these items are yet to be confirmed as investigators will only start calculating their value tomorrow but he did mention that, “The number of jewellery is rather big.”

4. Foreign and local hard cash 

(Source: Malaysian Gazette)

According to Astro Awani, the money was such a big amount that they had to bring in a money-counting machine to calculate it. And it’s not only in Malaysian Ringgit…

(Source: The Star)

All these items had to be transported using five Black Maria lorries which are enormous. It was a continuous search-effort at all these residences since two days ago.

On 16th May, they managed to seize documents that are connected to 1MDB from the Prime Minister’s Office. And police are still trying to unlock the safe at Najib’s Taman Duta residence.

(Source: Straits Times)

Amar Singh also did state that the condominium at Pavilion Residences was not owned by Najib but a ‘Tan Sri’. However, no names were given out. An announcement will be made soon about the details of the confiscated items once the investigation team has gone through all of them.

Till then, we just have to be patient for justice to be served.

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