Police Try to Drill Open Safe Found in Najib’s Home

source: The Coverage

Following the fall of the previous administration, police and investigators have been flocking in and out of Najib’s private residence since the former PM and his family weren’t allowed to leave the country last week, and police barricades were place outside his home’s entrance. With the allegations of 1MDB reopened, some Malaysians have commented that this is like a real-life crime drama unfolding in front of our eyes.

source: World of Buzz

The raid started last Wednesday night at 10 and ended 4 in the morning on Thursday. Several boxes containing personal items belonging to Najib and his wife were taken away in Black Marias.

source: Straits Times

During the course of their search, the police found a safe in a room on the first floor of the residence in Taman Duta, and decided to drill it open. The safe had not been opened for 20 years according to Najib’s lawyer Datuk Harpal Singh Gerwal. It had to be drilled open because the key had been misplaced, according to a report by The Straits Times.

According to The Star, Harpal said the police started drilling at 8.30am and continued even after 5pm, disturbing all in the house.

As of now, the police have not disclose what is inside the safe or if they have managed to open it successfully. We can only guess…

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