The ‘Kurung Goes Vintage’ In Bernard Chandran’s Petang Raya Collection

Cover image Rudrasakti

Taking inspiration from the glossy Parisian nights of the 70s, Bernard Chandran brings back cutting-edge glamorous concepts for the traditional ‘Kurung’ and ‘Kebaya’ for this year’s Petang Raya collection. Going vintage, this collection is a luminous ray of rich colours and textures, as the Kurungs and Kebayas are seen in a few vintage overtures like the pant-skirt style, free-spirited kaftan, and playful jumpsuit with overlay – designed using techniques like pleating, ribbing and weaving to give structural levels to the designs.

“As always, I am proud of my heritage and our culture. At the same time I love exploring the trends, creating new innovations and study what’s in the archives to understand what works and what doesn’t. This collection is about taking the trendy and high fashion to Kurung’s term. I have always believed, Malaysian women can be trendy and still keep to the boundaries of our cultures and dignity,” explained Chandran.

The collection combines the use of fine ‘Songket’, geometrical and floral prints on the gentle chiffon, denim, lace, cashmere blend tweed and luxurious trimmings including crystals and fur. Furthermore, the silhouettes in this collection are all about proportions, volume and placement of embellishments. Glitter and deep rich tones like black and olive green take the lead in the collection, while classy matte gold and bronze, as well as colourful prints are spread in between the collection.

“Imagine strolling down the glamorous summer nights in Paris, where people unitedly dressed to their nines, come out to celebrate, to enjoy the concerts around the city or simply follow the romantic lighting at the Eiffel Tower or chill at the quaint cafes. It’s like taking a break from the hardness of the day, the toils, the snares, the politics and the sensitivities to properly relax and reflect. That’s the type of feeling I want to achieve in this collection,” said Chandran.

Take a look at the full collection below:

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