LOL! The ‘Blow Back the Haze to Indonesia’ Movement Has Begun! Here’s How You Can Join The Fun!

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(source: Malay Mail)

Here we go again, Malaysians. The dreaded haze has made its comeback and now our whole country looks like Genting Highland. Visibility worsened as the days went by and the air quality has dramatically deteriorated this week. Apparently, it has reached eight out of our 13 states.

Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change, Yeo Bee Yin explained on Facebook yesterday, that the haze in Peninsular Malaysia came from hot spots in Sumatra while east Malaysia state Sarawak was affected by haze from Kalimantan.

She stated that the government “will continue to do cloud-seeding whenever the situation allows and send assistance to Indonesia if and when they accept the offer” – but it seems like netizens are taking matters into their own hands.

(source: screenshot from FB)

Yesterday, Twitter user – Farhan, called on Malaysians to join his movement to ‘Blow Back The Haze to Indonesia’ on 16 September. He propelled the plan with the hashtags #BlowTheHazeBack and #BiggestBlowjob, lmao.

While the event was announced yesterday, he created a Facebook page today where you can RSVP and participate in this hilarious agenda.

Now, you’re probably wondering what the grand scheme is? All you have to do is set up a table and fan outside your house. What’s crucial here is the direction of your fan.

(source: Twitter @shewasokay)

The strategy is simple. If you’re in the peninsular, you need to point your fan southwest where Sumatra is located. If you’re in Sabah or Sarawak, you need to point the fans southwards.

Here’s the visual representation Farhan came up with:


In just one day, his tweet has garnered nearly 15k retweets and 8k likes. Many Twitter users were on board with the plan and replied with their own witty reactions:





Some netizens have accused Farhan of being a kipas seller because he recently recommended a specific model of a fan which is particularly “strong” that costs RM155 on Shopee Malaysia. Don’t worry guys, this is not a scam for y’all to go out and buy a strong kipas.

We at JUICE can ensure you that Farhan is, in fact, a talented street photographer.

Perhaps the mindset behind this is – if we work together, the haze will go away. You know, unity! Unfortunately, this did not work out with a particular foreigner who overstayed his welcome, so we can only wish for better results with the non-sentient haze.

While the effort is there, we really do hope that the haze will go away soon. Stay indoors and keep hydrated, kids!

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