Local Fashion Brand Drops ‘Makanlah’ Collection Based on a Survey of Malaysians’ Favourite Foods

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When you ask a Malaysian, “What’s your go-to breakfast?”, most people would probably reply with either nasi lemak or roti canai.

These two breakfast staples have become so engrained in our eating habits and local culture that it would be weird if someone were to deviate from them.

Their popularity in Malaysia is so cemented that a survey conducted by Oxwhite, a lifestyle brand that sells activewear and comfy clothing, was entirely dedicated to finding out just how many Malaysians love eating nasi lemak and roti canai for breakfast.

The survey of 500 respondents showed that those in Selangor were the biggest nasi lemak fans at (29 percent) and that KL and Penang were close contenders at 16 percent and 12 percent respectively.

While that was the case, people in Melaka preferred roti canai over the rice dish, making up 47 percent. The same goes for 40 percent of Sarawak who preferred roti canai.

An additional note would be that those who were older chose roti canai over nasi lemak, probably due to a more health conscious lifestyle.

Dim sum was also a part of the survey but it didn’t reap in as much love as the other two breakfast staples.

Take a look:

One in two Malaysians chose nasi lemak for breakfast with Selangor clocking in the highest number of nasi lemak fans at 29 per cent. ― Picture courtesy of Oxwhite

Since it was clear that Malaysians can’t be separated from their roti canai and nasi lemak, the brand decided to collaborate with Salang Design in order to bring us curated t-shirts with these food items as its design.

Accompanied by the fitting tagline, “food coma”, which is what all Malaysians feel after eating a hearty breakfast, the t-shirts are not only adorable but they also gives us a chance to rep our favourite breakfast food.

Like we’ve said multiple times, there’s nothing more unifying in Malaysia than our love for local food.

Here are the designs:

Lifestyle brand Oxwhite is launching nasi lemak t-shirts in response to the survey. ― Pictures courtesy of Oxwhite

The Makanlah collection also has a roti canai t-shirt, a dish 47 per cent of Malaccans preferred for breakfast. ― Pictures courtesy of OxwhiteThe collection which includes this dim sum design will be available exclusively on Lazada from March 18 onwards. ― Pictures courtesy of Oxwhite