Local Actor Asks General Public To Help Trace His Late Grandmother’s Murderer

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source: mStar

On September 23, news about an elderly woman in her 70s who was believed to have been murdered in Taman Paroi Jaya was shared across multiple local news platforms.

It is understood that the deceased was found unconscious on the sofa in the living room of her home with injuries to her limbs. Some personal items were also missing.

Apparently, the victim was the grandmother of local actor and model Farhan Asri, who had shared a picture of the suspect on his social media to ask for help from anyone who could locate the individual.

Through the post on Instagram, Farhan asked the public to help look into this matter in order for the suspect to be arrested, or to aid the investigation regarding the murder case of his grandmother, Datin Noraida Nordin.


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Through a report from mStar, Farhan, 25 informed the public that at the moment, the suspect has still not been traced. He and his family assert that they are still traumatised by the incident and the sudden loss of a loved one in such a brutal manner.

“Until now, the suspect, who has ties with the family, has not yet been arrested. But we have not given up hope and still demand justice for my grandmother’s death; not to mention, I had to witness the situation myself after the incident took place,” he said.

The actor also noted that the family had come to realise that something bad may have happened to his grandmother after numerous failed attempts to contact her.

According to Farhan, he usually calls or goes to his grandmother’s house almost daily, but on that particular day, he did not.

“After Asar, we called grandma but she didn’t answer. We assumed something happened, either grandma fell down the bathroom or the stairs. What’s more, my grandfather is not very healthy because he suffers from cataract, but he can still hear well and is sensitive to his surroundings,” he said.

source: mStar

He explained that at around 7 p.m., his grandfather, Datuk Madzlan Ahmad, 82, felt uneasy when his wife did not enter the room to perform the Maghrib prayer and there was no response when he called for her.

“Grandpa called grandma several times but there was no answer, so Grandpa came out of the room and shouted for help from the neighbours. When the neighbours entered the house, they found my grandmother lying on the sofa,” he explained.

The suspect has reportedly come to the house several times to borrow money, but the deceased could not provide the money in large amounts as requested by him.

“The second time he came, my grandfather gave him a little bit of money. Finally, he came over with food, and that’s when my grandmother was killed,” he explained.

Additionally, the suspect’s wife stated that her husband had washed his clothes after returning home, before going out again wearing a white shirt.

Following that, Farhan and the rest of the family requested for people who know may know the suspect’s whereabouts to inform the authorities to help investigate his grandmother’s tragic murder case.

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