Local Actor, Amerul Affendi Reacts To Mining Operations At Tasik Chini with Sly Digs at JAKIM

Lindungi Tasik Chini, Tapak Warisan Dunia Di Pahang Yang Diiktiraf Oleh UNESCO
Tasik Chini, before. (source: kuantanloka.com)

In case you missed it, the internet erupted into a hasty discussion recently when JAKIM posted a couple of infographics urging the public to stop the onslaught of criticism towards the royal family.

Many believe one of the reasons the institution decided to upload the posts was due to the latest Pahang government-approved mining operations in the vicinity of Tasik Chini in Pekan which has ties to a royalty-linked company.

Masa depan Tasik Chini makin kelam
Tasik Chini, today. (source: Berita Harian)

The nation felt frustrated after hearing the news especially because the state pledged to rehabilitate Tasik Chini which is considered the country’s second-largest natural lake.

With that, respected local actor, Amerul Affendi decided to bring more attention towards this issue since he is a native of Pahang so the news would undoubtedly strike a nerve.

Taking to Twitter, Amerul jests by sarcastically writing,

“It’s not fun to see an area that isn’t fully wiped. Can they wipe it clean as far as the lens could see? Yes, this is the situation at Tasik Chini right now. That’s okay, I’m not eligible to comment on this. To comment in the nicest way possible would not benefit me either. I just hope JAKIM can come out with another hadith, that’s all.”

He continues on the thread by making more sly remarks laced with cynicism.

He writes, “Thank you to those tasked to protect our country. If you don’t want to speak-out and criticise the leaders, that’s fine. They can take their monthly salary and feed their children with it. I hope their kin are well as a result of consuming that salary of yours.”

The Terbaik Dari Langit actor’s sentiments were echoed by other netizens of Twitter as well. In fact, many have expressed their frustrations as a result of this development.

Here are a few of the other remarks made by the people of Twitter…