Rockers Get to ‘Fight’ EDM DJs in This Crazy Malaysian Made Console Game

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Video games have come a very long way in 2020. What was once seen as a plaything for antisocial kids to waste time on as well as an easy scapegoat for crumbling morals is now acknowledged and respected as a valid art form. Moreover, the video game community of today (both players and creators) has become more global than ever before.

Malaysian-based game development studio Metronomik have been working on a beautiful looking action-adventure game called No Straight Roads which revolves around two playable rock-and-roll loving characters named Mayday and Zuke who want to start a band and topple the evil EDM empire.

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If you’re a fan of action packed third person adventure games (think Devil May Cry, Nier: Automata) this one’s for you! We don’t know whether there’ll be any pesky quick time events (timed button inputs) but the game looks pretty awesome from its trailer alone.

Check it out:


One of the game’s biggest focuses is its dynamic soundtrack which will change as players progress through the world. According to their official websiteit will feature “rhythm-infused third-person combat” and an environment where objects in the world can be transformed into weapons or utilities through musical powers that can be upgraded for new skills.

Metronomik highlights a particular gameplay mechanic which allows players to “bring changes into the music, as it shifts between rock and EDM in a seamless and dynamic manner” depending on how you play No Straight Roads.

Those screenshots give me major Tim Schafer (Brütal LegendPsychonauts) + Persona 5 vibes!

There’s a wayang kulit-inspired level!

A multitude of colourfully detailed levels and bosses are present in the game even featuring one that is wayang kulit inspired. One of the game’s best features, in my opinion, is the option of playing couch co-op (offline multiplayer) which allows up to 2 players to enjoy the game together in addition to an online co-op mode that allows 3 players to play together instead.

Production and Game Development

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Leading the game’s direction and design are Malaysian game development veterans Wan Hazmer who worked on Final Fantasy XV and his cousin Daim Dziauddin who worked on Street Fighter V, both of whom co-founded Metronomik together. In addition to that, No Straight Roads will serve as the first project the studio’s ever released.

In an interview with IGN, Wan Hazmer explained that his love for EDM and his cousin’s love for rock music helped flesh out the concept and story of the game. He also noted that the skills he picked up from his time working for Square Enix (the company behind the Final Fantasy series) proved very helpful in the development process of No Straight Roads.

The Sounds of No Straight Roads

The music of No Straight Roads’ original soundtrack features a talented roster of musicians from the likes of DJs Funk Fiction and James Lindo to the Video Game Orchestra and Japanese music composer Masahiro “Godspeed” Aoki. The game plans to strike the perfect balance of EDM and Rock tunes to deliver a quality soundtrack as well as a delightful gaming experience.

Collector’s Edition

For those really interested in the game, a collector’s edition of No Straight Roads is now open for pre-orders – containing an exclusive vinyl of the game’s soundtrack as well as an art book and a pair of drumsticks alongside a physical copy of the game itself.

Release Date

*30th June 2020 (PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One)

Check out No Straight Roads on Facebook or visit their website for more updates.

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