Rising Local Star, Awang Samrow Wants To Get You Hot & Bothered with New Single ‘Gelojoh’

In today’s age of pop culture saturation, we come across many kinds of performers.

There are those who are only easy on the eyes and there are performers with actual talent and stage presence.

Coming across someone who has both qualities in spades is difficult. That is unless you’ve crossed paths with Awang Samrow.

Since we caught his performance at cero.pj, JUICE can confidently say that he is on the path of becoming a solo icon.

After releasing his debut single ‘Dok Degih’, Awang (aka Fahmi Samsudin of electro-pop band, Kyogg and funkadelic rock band, Plong!) has collaborated with Hawa frontwoman, Eff Hakim for his second single, ‘Gelojoh’ from his upcoming debut album Pok Snahu.

While ‘Gelojoh’ is a cheeky take on the typical love songs you might hear on the radio, you can’t be fooled by its groovy tune because Awang packs a poetic punch in his lyrics.

Listen to it below:

Hailing from Terengganu, Awang is driven to showcase his hometown’s dialect in his lyrics and overall musicality, so that is something we can anticipate from Pok Snahu.

The album will also feature some familiar names such as Izzat Latif (Ramayan), Akmal Borhan (SayonaraBoys!), Iqbal Raimi (Runs), and Hidayat Nasir (Pitahati).

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