Life’s Always a Party with Chivas Regal’s New Contemporary Whisky Blend

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Chivas Regal has just introduced its contemporary whisky blend, Chivas XV, that’s perfect for moments of celebration

Forget everything you know about whisky, because Chivas Regal’s newest exciting blend, Chivas XV, proves that a serious whisky doesn’t need a serious setting to be enjoyed.

Chivas XV was created for high-energy occasions. Ultimately, this whisky blend wants you to #UnleashYourGold and elevate your celebratory moments with into truly extraordinary ones.

Chivas XV is aged for a minimum of 15 years and selectively finished in Grande Champagne Cognac casks

source: Chivas Regal

The Grande Champagne region in France is renowned for producing the finest cognacs in the world. After being aged for 15 years, some of the whisky is transferred into hand-selected French oak Grande Champagne Cognac casks before being blended once more with the original blend. This elevates the whisky into a whole new level, giving it a rich and refined character.

This whisky can be enjoyed in many ways such as shots, cocktails, or on its own, making every celebration a memorable one

Even the bottle’s gold packaging is designed to stand out during nights of celebration, adding a flair to every drink you take and every conversation you make.

And to really kick things off, Chivas XV is presenting the second season of Electronic Theatrical Music (ETM)

source: Chivas Regal Malaysia

Last year, Chivas Regal hosted the first ever ETM party in Malaysia, featuring experiential performances that combined elements of electronic music and theatrical production.

And this year, in line with the launch of Chivas XV, they’ll be launching a second season of ETM, with a series of celebration that proves “Success Is A Blend”. Stay tuned to their Facebook Page for more updates.

Ultimately, Chivas Regal wants you to elevate your nights of celebration and #UnleashYourGold with Chivas XV

There are two contemporary bottles; gold and clear. While the former is served in pubs and clubs, the latter can be found in retailers. Find out more about this unique blend on their website today.

Chivas XV will be available in Malaysia from November onwards