Level Up Your Feng Shui This Coming Chinese New Year!

This year will finally be the year where we can expect a lot social changes and turning points in our personal lives. The Year of the Earth Dog is a year where people will switch up their old habits like drinking, smoking, etc. into hopefully something more positive and worthwhile for themselves. In other words, it’s the year of change. But change isn’t as a simple as it seems, especially when it comes to your whole being. It all begins with small efforts that can help smooth the flow of your chi.

One of the ways to ensure positive flow of chi is decorating your fave spot in the world; home. Check out the following ways you can level up your feng shui for your home!

The Front Door and Hallway

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The front door of your home is said to be the ‘mouth of chi’ and it also represents wealth. Clear out any obstructions, like piles of shoes and keep them in a closed shoe rack or out of the pathway as it would disrupt the flow of chi.

It’s encouraged to place a plant and light here as they help to draw in the energy into your home. As for your hallway, add a touch of flowers or a beautiful mirror to uplift the energy of the space.

The Kitchen

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Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home. It is the place where it connects your family members or friends together, which is why it’s important that you maintain the positive flow of energy around the room.

The main aspects of your kitchen to focus on is your stove and the sink. It shouldn’t be placed opposite of each other as it’s a clash between the elements of fire and water, hence it may create a feud between couples. Avoid using too much black, red or blue as this too might create a clash of elements.

The Living Room

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The living room is one of the key rooms of your home. Aside from the kitchen, the living room is also the main space you share with others. So in order to obtain the chi, you must ensure a clear path of space and have your sofa placed against the wall as it works as support for the occupants of your home and you’ll be able to have a deeper relaxation. An ‘L’-shaped sofa is highly encouraged ’cause its more friendly and relaxing than having two sofas face the opposite of each other.

The Bedroom

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After a long day at work, the bedroom is the most comfy place you can lay your body in. In order to achieve maximum comfort and flow of chi, make sure that your bed is not placed at the opposite of your door, and keep your room light neutral.

Like the sofa, placing the bed against the wall provides support, and having bedside tables would give it that extra support that you might need. Of course, every bedroom needs at least some sexy element into it, so you can place sensual scented candles or curvy lights on your bedside table.

The Bathroom

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When it comes to the bathroom, this the place where most of the energy and wealth flows out. So keep your toilet lid down and have a plant around in the room so that the energy would hold and slow down the drainage of energy within the room. Remember to keep the room clean and the door closed too!

The Dining Room

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For better health and digestion, keeping the dining at tip-top feng shui-condition is very important. The dining room is considered the spleen which is related to the Earth element, and in the Chinese medicine, it is concerned with digestion. You can place a mirror and fresh flowers so that you optimise the energy of the room.

The Garden

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Not only is it pleasant for the eyes, but keeping your front and back garden clean and free from clutter is good for the soul too. Your front garden represents the clarity of your future, so if you want a bright future, remember to keep your flowers hydrated and the weeds clean. As for the back, it represents health and wealth. Fences or boundaries are also considered a good support for the occupants of the home.


I hope you guys have a clearer idea now on how to apply feng shui to your homes in 2018! Indulge and feed yourself the endless creativity you can have in designing and decorating your perfect home for Chinese New Year too!

This article is compiled from the Independent and BT.