Analogue It Up With the Latest and the First Analog Lomo’Instant Square

Image Chris Gampat

Successfully funded on Kickstarter in just five hours – yes, you read that right – this brand new, foldable box of creativity has galvanised an international community of analogue lovers. Called The Lomo’Instant Square, it is the first fully analogue camera to work with the recently released Fujifilm Instax Square film. Basically, you’ll get super sharpness, perfect exposure, and funky features on two different film formats with this bad boy.

All editions of the Lomo’Instant Square from left to right: Kickstarter, Black, Pigalle, Ginza, White

The Lomo’Instant Square comes in three gorgeous designs to suit every style: sleek black, crisp white, and Pigalle (a stylish red leather edition). It features a 95mm glass lens, hence the wonderfully crisp photos. Additionally, you can switch it up by using the advanced automatic mode that takes care of everything from shutter speed to flash output — as well as a smart zone-focusing system that makes focusing easy. And if you’re wondering, Lomography’s signature creative features will definitely be present; like unlimited multiple exposures, a bulb mode for long exposures, an infrared remote control, a self timer, and stacks more.

If this ain’t enough for you, the Combo Package includes a portrait glass lens attachment and a Splitzer so you can slice and dice your shots. What’s more, users will also receive an attachable Instant Mini Back that enables you to switch seamlessly between Instax Square and Instax Mini film (speaking of convenience!)



The Lomo’Instant Square’s starting price is RM869 to RM1159, pricier than your average polaroid camera. But based on the reviews of satisfied lomographers (like this one), it sure is worth the money.

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