Lamborghini Owners Malaysia Hosts Record-Breaking Gathering Of 112 Supercars In KL

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source: Metro

The record for the most Lamborghinis assembled at a Malaysian event was broken on Saturday (June 11) when 112 of the Italian supercar enthusiasts gathered in Kuala Lumpur with the intention of making their mark in the Malaysia Book of Records.

The colourful assembly successfully surpassed the previous record of 77 Lamborghinis from Singapore and Malaysia gathered back in 2013, to commemorate Lamborghini’s 50th global anniversary.

The Gallardo Malaysia Limited Edition, of which only 20 were manufactured, the Murcielago, and contemporary notables such as the Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, Aventador SVJ, and Urus SUV were among the Lamborghini models photographed by stunned participants.

Roslan Rosdi. (source: Kee Hua Chee)

At around 10:30am, Roslan Rosdi, president of Lamborghini Owners Malaysia (LOM), navigated the 78th car, a Lamborghini Murcielago, at the open air car event located at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Roslan praised the benevolence of both LOM members and non-members.

“This year’s record-breaking triumph was a massive success thanks to the collaborative efforts of all Lamborghini owners in Malaysia.

“The number of vehicles that agreed to participate also doubled our expectations, with many Lamborghini owners seeking to make history,” he said, according to the Star.

Ambassador of Italy to Malaysia, Massimo Rustico, also stated that the occasion was incredible, with the community rising to the occasion to unitedly accomplish the victory.

“I’d like to thank the LOM leadership for organising this event, as well as the police for their assistance.

“I’ve been to many lovely events around the world,” he said, “but this one really stood out, given the large number of vehicles present, as well as the notion and immaculately planned nature of the event.”

Datuk Rakesh Sachdev and Datin Angeline Sachdev. (source: Tatler)

The positive statement was backed up by Datuk Rakesh Sachdev, the chairman of the LOM, who expressed his appreciation to the police for their aid in guaranteeing the event ran efficiently.

“Our sponsors and the committee itself also played a major role in making this a success,” he added.

Finally, Jwan Heah, chief marketing officer of the Malaysia Book of Records, noted that it was wonderful to see more events slowly reviving.

“It’s thrilling to see this many Lamborghinis turning up for the raging bull event, particularly after what everyone has been through over the last two years,” he said after presenting Roslan with the Malaysia Book of Records certificate.

The LOM was founded in 2014 with only 50 members, and has since expanded to a devoted 150.

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