Did This Lamborghini Driver Slip Under The Toll Gate Just To Avoid Paying RM2.50?

Ever purposely took a different route just to avoid paying tolls? Well, here’s a new solution: get a Lamborghini!

A video shared by Kenny@X-ONE on TikTok claimed to have captured the vehicle driving under the SmartTag lane toll gate while it was still down, and with the toll lights still flashing red.

@kennytiew0821No need to pay toll fees? 😳 #like #followme #lamborghini #shimalganu♬ qing fei de yi meteor garden ost – ramjay batas

Netizens reacted in the comments about how the owner of a RM2.27 million luxury sports car couldn’t even pay a RM2.50 toll fee. Even myrapidkl had something to say about it!

On the other side of the fence, some pointed out that it was possible that the driver did, in fact, pay the toll fees but drove under the gate before it lifted.

Apparently, it’s not unusual for sports cars to have paid the toll fees without alerting the gate sensors, due to their much lower height.

A claim made by the TikTok user who posted the video said that the toll booth display screen had shown that the yellow Lambo had “Low Balance” in its Touch ‘n Go account when it drove under the gate.

Kenny@X-ONE later cleared up the debate by posting another video seemingly showing themselves driving through and paying the toll using the SmartTag lane.

@kennytiew0821Car infront deduct from TnGo card=BAKI KAD RMX. XX. My car deduct from E-Wallet =TERIMA KASIH(No indicate my balance) #like #followme #toll♬ My Love – Westlife

This pointed to the electronic monitor showing the balance of the TnG card, indicating that the car before them had paid.

But before you rush to save your monthly salary to cut down on toll wait-times, lest we not forget that Lamborghinis, along with other sports cars are notorious on the road for getting into road accidents.

Just earlier this month the luxury sports car was involved in a recent crash into a Proton Perdana on the way from KLIA towards the Bulatan Pahang roundabout.

Source: TheVibes

According to SAYS, a video from the scene surfaced, showing a person behind the camera approaching the man who is believed to have been the driver of the Lamborghini.

“You should realise, yes, you’re rich but look at what happened,” says the person behind the camera.

To which the man then responds, “No, it’s not my car. It’s a rental.”


Drive safe!