Kuman Pictures Launches Short Film Competition To Find The Next Best Low-Budget Horror Flick

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Previously, JUICE had compiled some of our favourites from Kuman Pictures’ challenge where they invite local filmmakers to showcase their work and sharpen their skills while being stuck at home.

In that list, we discovered some great filmmakers and watched as they flourished their ideas and talents into some pretty chilling short films.

Continuing their efforts, Kuman Pictures has decided to launch #KumanPicturesChallenge2 to dig out more enshrouded talents.

Similar to the first challenge they launched, which happened during the first MCO, filmmakers are encouraged to make use of a minimal budget when creating their stories.

In their post, they even stated that you don’t even need a crew or cast, you can just act yourself! Think of it as The Room and you’re Tommy Wiseau.

Each short film should span within 1-10 minutes and uploaded to each filmmaker’s own YouTube channel. All you have to do is use the hashtag #KumanPicturesChallenge2 and send the link to @[email protected].

The latest submission would be by May 30.

They’ll select one winner by June 15 and reward that lucky filmmaker with RM1,000 as well as upload their flick to Kuman Pictures’s YouTube channel.

So, if you think you have what it takes, try your luck and perhaps your film could be the next Roh?