Kitten Saved By Rescuers After Falling Into 10-Metre Deep Drain


Rescuers in Melaka saved a poor kitten that was stuck beneath a monsoon drain at Taman Paya Rumput Perdana yesterday.

The kitten apparently slipped and fell into a 10 metre deep drain. Passersby overheard the kitten’s yowling around noon which prompted them to call on Civil Defence Force (APM). As they arrived on scene, they found that the kitten was motionless on the side of the culvert.

Apparently it took them 30 minutes to bring out the kitten to safety. It was also said by Lt Kol Effendy that “it’s the first time such an operation was mounted to rescue a kitten trapped in a deep monsoon drain.” Before, they’ve found that most of them were stranded on trees or rooftops.


These are the kind of stories that we need to hear and share everyday! A story that sheds light on daily community works, bonds, and affection towards other living beings. We hope that little catto will find itself a good home and good family to take care of it.

If you guys every happen to pass by an animal that’s in danger, or that’s abused, please don’t hesitate to call a nearby animal rescue centre for further assistance. Here are a few active in the Klang Valley: Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue, SPCA, PAWS.

This news was gathered from The Star Online.