King Cobra ‘Visits’ Family Home, Goes Straight For The Couch

(source: The Star)

There’s no excuse for y’all to go jogging outside because even snakes faham bahasa and seem to be trying to stay indoors.

According to The Star, at about 6pm yesterday, Miri’s Civil Defence Unit chief Capt Mohd Hazle Shah said a unit was rushed to a family’s house following an emergency alert. The family of six found a 4-meter long King Cobra in their house at Kampung Siwak Jaya in the sub-district of Bakam.

“The family was shocked when the huge snake slithered into their house and made its way to the sofa set… They called our emergency line, and we sent a team to the site and saw a huge long snake beneath the sofa,” Hazle said in his latest update.

It took more than an hour for four Civil Defence Unit members to capture the serpent as they said the body was as big as the arm of an adult man. Eeee… takut. 

The team brought the snake back to its base in Miri city but the Sarawak Forestry has yet to be notified of the capture of this cobra. We hope the snake is in good hands and won’t be crashing on anyone’s couch anymore.

(source: Giphy)

Meanwhile, Rick & Morty who got medieval, err, feudal Japanese recently, has this to say about the history of ssssnakes:

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