Kindergarten In Sabah Made To Look Like A Police Station, Complete With Fake Crime Scene & Lockup

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Source: Polis Diraja Malaysia (Facebook)

Ahh preschool…

A time when life was uncomplicated, and the joys were simple. I can’t remember much about the specifics of my early childhood years, but what I do know is that it all went downhill after that.

The place I went for kindergarten was pretty run-of-the-mill, nothing special. But for this one place in Sabah, it would most definitely take top spot for creativity.

Located in the Kapayan district of Kota Kinabalu, the Tadika Kemas Al-Ghazali is designed to look like a real police station, complete with a ‘prisoners’ lockup’ and fake crime scene.

Instead of the usual uniform, the kids here attend classes dressed in the full police get-up.

The unique concept was thought-up by head teacher Mastina Masir, who wants to help cultivate an interest for police work amongst the youth of her community, according to Daily Express.

Besides going through the regular syllabus, her students are also exposed to fields such as forensics, traffic enforcement, and even high crimes such as commercial fraud and narcotics.

She credits the success of her initiative to the nearby Sabah Police Contingent headquarters, whose officers sometimes drop by to teach lessons and give talks.

As the old saying goes, teach ’em while they’re young, right?