Japanese Discount Megastore, Don Don Donki is Opening Its First Malaysian Outlet

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(source: Anakjajan)

As Malaysians, we love a good bargain so this is definitely good news! According to China Press, Japan’s famous discount store, Don Don Donki will be opening its first-ever outlet in Malaysia at Lot 10 Shopping Mall, Bukit Bintang.

For those who often travelled to Japan, Don Don Donki is a familiar name as it is THE go-to store to shop for anything. While neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Thailand already have their own Donki’s, Malaysians will finally be able to look forward to the same range of goods right in our own backyard.

This huge chain store with its iconic, adorable blue penguin mascot has over 160 stores across Japan, all of which are stocked with shelves over shelves of Japanese snacks, a wide-variety of food items, clothing, groceries, beauty products, and all sorts of merchandise that are uniquely Japanese in detail and design. Yes, you can expect to spend a few hours aisle-hopping here.

Don Don Donki Outlet in SG (source: Asiaone)

Although there is no exact date on when the store will open, we know that Don Don Donki will be located right across the ZARA outlet at Lot 10 mall. This means that it’ll be super easy to access once it opens its doors, as ZARA is currently located just next to the ground floor entrance of Lot 10, near the Bukit Bintang MRT.

While we wait for the pandemic to subside, at least we have something to look forward to – getting Japanese goodies without the flight ticket!

Don Don Donki Outlet in SG (source: Tidbits Mag)

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