Kelantan Plans Quran Recitals for Cows in Hopes They’ll Taste like Kobe Beef

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(source: The Malay Mail/Choo Coy May)

According to The Malay Mail, Kelantan is reportedly planning for Quran recitals to be held near locally-reared lembu sado, an imported breed, in hopes that it will help produce quality meat similar to Japan’s famous Kobe beef.

Datuk Che Abdullah, who chairs Kelantan’s state executive committee on agriculture, agro-based industry, biotechnology, and green technology was reported saying the plans were part of the government’s action plan to produce beef that is tender and high-quality.

He said that there are over 19,000 cattle rearers in Kelantan who are skilled in handling cows under their care.

(source: Paul Jones/Flickr)

In an article by Astro Awani, he was quoted saying, “Through the Naim Beef programme, we make plans and do research, because the cattle here is tamer because among the characteristics required for great beef is that the cow has to be relaxed and tamed… So this Naim Beef programme is a programme to restructure the farmers’ system according to the system planned towards producing good beef.”

Other than that, he also said that Kelantan has the country’s second most cattle exports, adding that it was the first state to export the prized European stock, lembu sado.

In the same article, it is stated that the cows imported from Europe could fetch between RM12,000 to RM15,000 each, with claims that the breed is tame in Kelantan but rambunctious elsewhere.


Last month, Malaysiakini reported that Che Abdullah said that the plan was to develop the system of hybrid cattle-rearing, which requires local rearers to fulfill a certain criteria and be accredited by the Department of Veterinary Services.

“So producers of this Kelantan hybrid cows through the feedlot rearing system is the long-term plan of Kelantan Veterinary Services Department in the government’s efforts to brand the system of production of hybrid cow breeds that has the Kelantan identity,” Che Abdullah said.

“It can be commercialised with interesting features such as high-quality beef, tame, adapting easily with its environment with a parent that is maternal, productive, and suited to eating greens and agriculture waste,” he was quoted by Malaysiakini.

He said the state’s success in the cattle-rearing sector has resulted in the federal government agreeing to turn the Naim Beef programme into a national-level policy to develop muscular cows.

What are your thoughts on this effort to produce graded, high quality meat? 

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