Kedah Man Faked A Heart Attack To Avoid Capture During A Drug Raid

The suspect was seen lying on the floor during the raid by AADK (source: NST)

According to Harian Metro, a Kedah man tried to trick officers from the National Anti Drugs Agency (AADK) during a raid last night by faking a heart attack.

When AADK busted in his room at Kampung Mat Acheh in Yan, Kedah – he was found lying on the floor because of the “heart attack” but officers soon discovered that the man was simply faking to avoid capture.

Yan district AADK chief officer Mohamad Ramli said the 41-year-old eventually admitted he lied to avoid being arrested by the authorities. Believed to be a drug addict, the man has been detained for further action.

The raid was part of an operation carried out in the district following complaints from members of the public, involving eight officers at Kampung Teluk Mat Acheh, Kampung Tengah Sungai Yan and Kampung Titi Teras.

For illustrational purposes only (source: Sabah Post)

In a statement today, Ramli said that a 39-year-old woman was also arrested at her family home in Kampung Titi Teras. The mother of two admitted she started using drugs when she was 20.

Based on information from the public, the woman’s house was frequented by a friend of her husband, who is also an individual under AADK monitoring, currently observing rehabilitation in the community.