Two Men Were Caught On Camera Spraying Over Chinese Characters On Penang Street Signs

source: Sin Chew Daily

After vandalising the Chinese characters on street signs of Penang, two men were caught on camera in the act.

In photos shared by Sin Chew Daily, the two men sprayed over the Chinese characters with black paint on the Gat Lebuh Armenian street sign. The photos reportedly came from video posted on Facebook.

source: Sin Chew Daily

“According to the constitution, Bahasa Malaysia is our national language, not Mandarin. I’m sorry, if you want to arrest me, feel free to do so,” said one of the men in the video.

After vandalising the sign, the man added that “we live in Malaysia and do not practice racial discrimination”. It’s reported that the same men also spray painted on a street sign in Pengkalan Weld.

source: Sin Chew Daily

“Bahasa Malaysia is our national language. We must use it. The state government is trying to promote an atmosphere of insecurity. We will no longer give face,” the man in the video added.

The Penang State Council is already taking action over the vandalism and Mayor Yew Tun Seang will address the issue with a statement soon.