Kedah Man Dies While Running Away From Authorities After Vandalising Royal Palace & Punching a Cop

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(source: SAYS)

Yesterday (15 July), a man died after the motorcycle he was riding skidded on the road side in his attempt to escape from the police in Bedong, near Sungai Petani.

According to SAYS, Kedah police chief Datuk Kamarul Zaman Mamat said the suspect, in his 30s, was wanted by the police in connection with a graffiti on the wall at Istana Anak Bukit.

“At 3pm (yesterday) the suspect, who was riding a black motorcycle had painted the palace wall with the word ‘SAMR’ and at about 5pm, he was believed to have gone to the Kota Setar police station and punched a policewoman who was on duty, causing the victim to suffer facial injuries, before fleeing,” he said in a statement today (16 July).

(source: Facebook)

Besides punching the policewoman, the suspect also threw an object that is believed to be a toy gun. Police then managed to track down the man and found him near Gurun in Sungai Petani.

Upon realising that the police were present, the man tried to escape. Officers followed the suspect and warned him to pull over but he continued to make a run for it.

“It was in his attempt to escape the police that the machine he was riding skidded. The suspect was injured and he was pronounced dead at the scene,”  he said.

(source: Facebook)

The body was then sent to Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital for post mortem and the case is currently being investigated under Section 427 and 332 of the Penal Code, as well as Section 36 (1) of the Arms Act 1960.