JUICY Lives!

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Hotdawg baby! We’re alive! A-fooking-live! Like a durian rolling down a highway! Like your momma getting Tom Hardy as her gynie! Like you’re in da klub on a Tuesday! ANYWAY…

WELCOME TO JUICY! The new, nu-wave video entertainment channel for toddlers to septuagenarians. Here’s a little lowdown of our sub-channels:



Snazzy local reporting done right. Uh-huh.

Beyond that: You need MONEY to live. It’s one of the 3 core essentials of being an all round Playa of Lyfe. Only fools think they can live without it. This segment covers all that money can buy – alcohol, concert passes, nice shoes, and a whole lot of commercial sheeet that you don’t necessarily need but would look good on your walls. MONEY is fully owned and operated by The Church of Satan.



Levelling up and hacking life to achieve nirvana (aka the cool, quiet yet knowledgeable guy at the party).

Beyond that: Build up your knowledge of visiting acts through our interviews so you can be smarter than the posers; get a tutorial from local guitarists; train your eye for photography; go on a culinary misadventure; learn about local subcultures; get in the ring with a pro-wrestler…. no need to skip classes here.



Secretions from the local video scene. Tune out the serious shit in your life and just enjoy…

Beyond that: Think you got something worth showing on JUICY ? Send them over to [email protected]. If it’s good we might just show it to the world and some aliens.


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