WTF RU?: Alleycats: Dato’ David Arumugam

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Dato' David Arumugam (Part 1)

Find out what is Dato’ David’s real name…

Dato' David Arumugam (Part 2)

Dato’ David Arumugam on the golden age of Malaysian music and life, and which album (out of the 30 so far) is his favourite.

With 30 Malay albums under their belt, Alleycats are Malaysia’s most prolific band, oddly, with no Malay members in the group. In this 2-part interview, JUICY speaks to lead singer, Dato’ David Arumugam, on the band’s origins – how they travelled from HK to Singapore and back to KL, unknowing of the success that awaited them in the early ’80s; how Alleycats transitioned from a Bubblegum pop band to a soul-music inspired band; how he finds the present scene – music and technology; and how he got his stage-name.