pre_adults (Imran)

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Feels Like Flying

An expanded mind can never grow back to its original proportions. Hence, when you’ve outgrown adulthood you can never go back to it.

On this¬†gloomy Monday, with post-Trump victory-shock, Kanye West’s fall from grace, and the Bersih-bug still looming in our collective minds, it seems like now is an apt time to release this slow burner.

Pre-adult, Imran, contemplates a story about a bird that can’t stop flying in the 2nd episode of this skate-poetry series. Conceptualised and filmed by 18-year old sk8er Afiq for JUICY. Afiq also wrote and narrated this particular episode.

Watch Episode 1, feat. skater-singer-songwriter lurkgurl and narration by Liyana Dizzy here.