Jerantut Villagers Are Being Haunted by Mysterious Knocks Followed by Awful Scents Late at Night

(source: NST)

According to Sinar Harian, mysterious “door knocks” are now haunting residents of a village in Jerantut, Pahang.

The series of mysterious loud knocks on house doors over the past few weeks is now sending shivers down the spines of villagers in Kampung Perias. Two residents of the village were the first in Pahang to lodge police reports over the unexplained incidents, which were followed by unpleasant odours.

Siti Fatimah Ghazali, 37, said the incident happened at 9pm last Friday and she is still traumatised by it. When the loud knocks happened, Siti was alone and said that there was no one outside the door. At first, she assumed it was done by teenagers in the village.

“However, it became even scarier when I started to smell something awful like a rotting carcass,” she said.

Siti added that her neighbour, Habibah Sulong, 57, heard the same mysterious door knocks which went on for around five minutes. Habibah said she heard knocks on her house’s door at about 9pm and also assumed some pranksters in the village were trying to scare her family.

Habibah Sulong (source: NST)

“When the knocks lasted several minutes, my husband tried to find the source of the noise by peeping through a small hole in the wooden wall, but there was no one at the door. When the knocks ended, he opened the door to check, but the house compound was empty. Instead, there was a stench of a dead animal in the vicinity, but until today, we have not found any animal carcass.

“When a neighbour claimed she faced a similar experience, we alerted the police about the knocking sound which lasted between three and five minutes,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jerantut District Police head, Supt Mazlan Hassan confirmed that they have received several reports from the villagers regarding the incidents. At the same time, Tahan assemblyman Mohd Zakhwan Badarddin said they will be working with the district religious office to ease fears among the villagers.

“I have discussed with the religious office to organise a mass prayer session,” he said.

One of the villagers’ door that experienced the scary knocking (source: Sinar Harian)

According to NST, these spooky incidents were previously reported in Selangor, Johor, Negeri Sembilan and Melaka since last month and have been shared on social media.

Some claim the knocks, which occur at night and early morning, are linked to supernatural forces, while others dismiss it as a prank played by certain mischievous quarters.