WATCH: Temple-Goers Attack Police For Wanting To Build Dividers & Roads Near Their Temple

Recently, a video went viral of an altercation that happened at Jalan Sungai Besi.

The video shows up to 30 individuals gathering by the side of the road. A few of the individuals picked up wooden debris and proceeded to use it as a bat, striking at the excavator.

Some individuals also got violent and attacked the officers at the scene. One particular man in a white shirt place the wood on the ground as a way to indicate that it was their territory and that the officers were not allowed to cross the border.

Watch it below:

According to the head of the Cheras police division, Assistant Commissioner Muhammad Idzam Jaafar said that the whole incident was a misunderstanding because the authorities intended to build a divider as opposed to destroying the temple which was what the group thought the project was going to be.

Police from the Cheras division arrived to ensure the safety and efficacy of the operation but as soon as they got there, they were attacked, he continued.

At the moment, four men who were involved in the altercation, aged 19-50, have been apprehended to help with the investigation under Section 148/186.

According to these men, they were incredibly displeased with the decision to build dividers and roads next to the temple because it would result in a lack of space for temple-goers.

The police believe that the video was uploaded to incite sympathy from the public regarding the development. They urge the community not to speculate any further.