iPhone will introduce Memoji, the Emoji of the Future, this Sept.. Here’s a Preview

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Apple has yet again impress us all with their new feature that’s coming out with the iOS 12 – Memoji. It’s similar to Snapchat where you have the Pug-Filter which detects your face and moves according to your facial movement, however Memoji gives you the freedom to personalise every little detail of yourself–even down to your freckles and facial hair–like an episode of Black Mirror.

When Apple came out with the iPhoneX which is an all-touch screen phone with FaceID, the front-facing camera also allowed users to create Animojis – animated emojis that move with your facials. You record using your face and send them to other iPhoneX users. With the iOS 12 update, there will be more options of animal characters and even a ghost.

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Nonetheless, the new Memoji feature is what is going to get you hooked on your phone all day. You get to choose from the hair styles, skin colour, eyebrow shape, chin shape, eye colour and more. And the best part is, it has hundreds of options for each feature. Your Memoji won’t even come close to looking the same as your friend’s because each Memoji is unique.

Check out this video to have a sneak peek on the Memojis:

This new feature in iOS 12 is expected to be released September 2018. Memojis won’t be the only thing in the new iOS 12 update; group Face Time will also be available.

The update will be available on all the same devices that received iOS 11.

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