Instead of Dropping His Album, Kanye West Drops Music Gadget That Allows You To Customise Songs

Kanye West at a Donda listening event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on July 22, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia.
source: Time

Fans of the elusive Kanye West were patiently awaiting the drop of his new record, Donda but instead of getting new music, they got a new music gadget instead.

After videos of the device surfaced on the internet, fans aren’t too mad that Donda is taking longer than usual because the Donda Stem Player is actually pretty cool.

Kanye West MADE AN INSTRUMENT: Donda Stem Player - YouTube
source: Youtube iamamusicmogul

The sleek Tide pod-looking device will let you customise any song by allowing you to control vocals and instruments, isolate parts, add effects (reverse, hasten, slowed) and split the song into stems.

Donda Stem Player has a soft silicone touch and is equipped with a headphone jack, Bluetooth support, USB-C port, volume buttons, speakers, haptic engine and an 8GB storage.

It supports the following music formats: .AIFF, .AIF, .FLAC, .M4A, .MP3, .WAV, .WAVE, .AAC, .ALAC, and .MP4.

Kanye West Has Launched a Donda Stem Player
source: Modern Notoriety

It’s currently up for pre-order now for $200, though the release date is still undetermined. According to the website, the device will come with Ye’s latest release already uploaded.

Explaining the device using words won’t do it any justice though so here are a few clips of people testing it out with songs that aren’t from the Donda album…

Since, we’re all stuck at home, might as well pretend we’re all polished sound producers, right?