Inspirational Quotes from Netflix to Help You Survive This Raya

(source: Mynewshub)

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at family gatherings for Hari Raya. Tensions arise when you have not just one or two, but up to three or more generations of family coming together under one roof!

You can’t be blamed for feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, especially when there’s bound to be frustrating situations. Maybe it’s your little cousin who won’t stop asking you questions or your elderly auntie who keeps asking you to fix her phone… We find out how to keep cool and deal with these fairly kecoh yet common situations from some of our favourite Netflix characters!

1. When the children around you are screaming at the top of their lungs

Admit it, when you were young, seeing your cousins after a long time got you so excited you’d run around together like Kid Flash. During the festive season, children are especially excited by all the food and gifts. So, follow A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Count Olaf’s lead by apologising to your guests on behalf of the children.

2. When your relatives are judging you for piling too much food onto your plate

No festive occasion in Malaysia is complete without a mouthwatering feast. It takes a whole lot of willpower to stop yourself from inhaling the delicious spread. This comeback from Gilmore Girls’ Lorelai will probably get nosey relatives off your back, but remember to save some food for everyone else!

3. When you receive duit raya

Frank Underwood from House of Cards may not be the best role model in any given situation, but let’s face it. His quote above is SPOT-ON. Regardless of the amount we’re given in that little green packet this Raya, let’s just be thankful that we’re literally getting free cash to splurge on anything we want.

4. When you introduce a friend or partner to your family

Introducing someone new to your family can be extremely daunting, especially if that someone is particularly important to you. In times like these, honesty is probably the best policy, just like Kali from Stranger Things. The truth will set you free!

5. When a kid is thrust into your care and insists on playing with your phone

Children are truly a gift, and we often find ourselves vying for their attention and fawning over their cuteness. But it’s all fun and games until a child asks you if you have any games on your phone, because the moment we hear those words our phone battery has mysteriously “died” or we’ve suddenly gotten too busy to entertain the kids anymore. Maybe you’ll even quote Foggy from Marvel’s Daredevil to an unwitting messenger to pass the message on to the children..

Remember, follow these tips and you’ll be guaranteed to have a smooth but lit raya!

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