Insecure About Your Underarms? This Dry Serum Deodorant Fixes All Your Problems in Just 7 Days

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Finding a suitable deodorant can be especially tricky if you have underarm issues

The underarm skin is super sensitive, which is why we always need to take extra care of it. Having underarm issues IS embarrassing, but it doesn’t have to be! The truth is, loads of people struggle with caring for the sensitive skin in that area.

Whether it’s dark marks, enlarged pores, or saggy skin, it can be a real pain in the… well, armpit. That’s why Vaseline has created Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum. Formulated to help you feel confident with your underarms by repairing your skin and protecting it from further harm!

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Vaseline invited us to take part in their 7-day challenge to test their Deodorant Dry Serums for a week. Here are our brave volunteers!

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Audrey (left): “There are obvious pores that look like chicken skin due to tweezing/plucking huhu. It makes me feel shy to lift my arms up when I’m wearing sleeveless tops. Sometimes, they feel sweaty too, so uncomfortable.”

Fionaa (right): “Years of shaving have caused hyperpigmentation on my underarms, which makes me a little self-conscious about them. Also, in Malaysia’s super hot climate, I tend to sweat quite a bit sometimes, and I’m embarrassed when the sweat patches are showing hehe.”

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Shiffa (left): “My underarms have been shaved, waxed, and plucked for as long as I can remember. This, unfortunately, has caused my underarm skin to sag, which is NOT an attractive feature at all 🙁 as if that wasn’t bad enough, my skin is damaged often, due to my self-waxing efforts.”

Stephy (right): “I’ve been having underarm problems – uneven skin tone and a bit of wrinkles since my high school days. It used to be a huge concern so I didn’t really wear sleeveless tops.”

Each of us were provided with four variants of the deodorant, each one with a different purpose

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Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum White & Dry
Keeps your skin dry and fresh, with maximum sweat and odor protection

Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum Ultra Whitening
Brightens skin while inhibiting the formation of dark marks  

Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum White & Repair
Repairs damaged skin and minimises enlarged pores

Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum White & Smooth
Smoothens saggy skin and keeps it firm

These dry serums contain a “secret formula” that’s meant to help treat underarm issues

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What’s great about all four variants of Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum is that they are formulated with 10x Collagen and Vitamins, which deeply repairs underarm skin for brighter underarms. 

Nevertheless, we were curious as to how all four types of the Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum held up in terms of stickiness, scent, how long it lasts, and whether it would be the answer to all our underarm woes!

After pinpointing our underarm issues, each of us chose two variants, one for our left underarm and one for our right. Our new deodorant routine began and we were excited to see the results. Here’s what we found!

source: SAYS

1. Audrey used Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum White & Repair and White & Dry

source: SAYS

Audrey: “The first thing that caught my attention is they really smell good (but maybe a lil too strong for me). Both variants have different smells but I personally prefer ‘White & Dry’ more. Besides, they absorb really quickly and I won’t feel sticky or uneasy after applying them.

After trying them for a week, I noticed my underarms are slightly smoother, especially for the arm that applies ‘white & dry’. Won’t say my underarms don’t sweat anymore but it certainly lessened a bit when I was exercising! Will continue using this product so I can achieve flawless underarms soon.”

Pros: Smells good, absorbs quickly, doesn’t feel sticky or uneasy after applying, smoother underarm skin, and controls sweat.
Cons: Scent is a bit too strong for me.

Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum White & Dry – 5/5
Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum White & Repair – 4/5

2. Fionaa used Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum White & Dry and Ultra Whitening

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Fionaa: “I like the texture of the product. It was really easy to spread on my underarms and the light floral scent kept me smelling fresh all day!

I like the fact that this underarm serum has Vitamin B3, which helps support skin barrier and improves skin texture by reducing pore size. So, this deodorant kinda acts like skincare for your armpits hahahah, which is a good thing bc I’ve neglected my pits for waaaay too long. I think a regular routine of exfoliation and using this underarm serum will definitely help in the long run. It also helped me control my sweat.”

Pros: Great scent, spreads nicely, and it helped with sweat control.
Cons: Might need to use over a longer period of time to show visible results.

Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum Ultra Whitening – 4/5
Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum White & Dry – 2.5/5

3. Shiffa used Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum White & Smooth and White & Repair

source: SAYS

Shiffa: “I was skeptical of this deodorant dry serum at first, as I’m so used to using stick deodorants. I was sure that I was going to feel uncomfortable and sticky wearing this cream-based product but that wasn’t the case! It dried pretty quickly after applying, so no weird oily feeling when moving my arms haha.

Both variants lasted well throughout the day, though I preferred to use my fingers to massage the serum into my underarms, as it’s quite bumpy. After 7 days, my skin looks much healthier and I found the serum to be suuuper gentle on my reddish, waxed skin. Because of that, I have to say that I prefer White & Repair.”

Pros: Dries quickly, long-lasting, and gentle on skin.
Cons: Slightly harder to apply on saggy skin.

Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum White & Repair – 4.5/5
Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum White & Smooth – 3/5

4. Stephy used Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum Ultra Whitening and White & Smooth

source: SAYS

Stephy: “Both variants that I tried have pleasant scents and easy to apply. After trying it for 7 days, I can see that my underarm skin tone improved slightly. My fav is White & Smooth because it helps in both brightening and reducing wrinkles. Look forward to seeing more visible results as I continue using it!”

Pros: Long-lasting scent, easy to apply, does well in sweat control, and improved skin tone.
Cons: Scent is too strong as it doesn’t go well with my cologne.  

Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum White & Smooth – 4/5
Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serum Ultra Whitening – 3/5

Thinking of attempting the 7-day challenge? Vaseline is giving you the chance to do so with their FREE samples of Vaseline Deodorant Dry Serums! Yay, free tings 😀

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Come on, it’s your turn now 🙂 With the free samples, you can try the dry serums on your own underarms and compare your before and after results. You can determine for yourself whether Vaseline is the right choice for you.

All it takes is three easy steps:

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Fill up your details here and claim your Vaseline free samples before it’s all gone!

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