Influencer Might Face 6 Months Jail Time For Excel Sheet Created To Shame Singaporean Dating Pool

Source: The Straits Times

Singaporean influencer Koh Boon Ki made a controversial TikTok on Sunday (October 17) to discuss an idea she had; creating a group chat for girls in Singapore to discuss their dating experiences with guys from dating apps.

The group chat would consist of an excel sheet to gather information such as full names of the guys, a short description of their supposed wrongdoings, and links to their social media profiles.

This idea eventually took off and was then created on the messaging app Telegram on that same day, where girls from all over Singapore would exchange stories about their experiences.

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In the TikTok itself, Koh explained that girls all around Singapore have probably been talking to the same people anyway.

“I’m done finding out the red flags on my own. Just tell me all before I even start talking to him. Let’s save everybody some time!”

Note that in the caption she wrote, “The guys have worse [Telegram] groups anyway” and it garnered both support and criticism.

Those in favour of the idea pointed out the truth behind the caption, and said they would gladly share their stories for others’ benefit.

On the other hand, others pointed out that the excel sheet and Telegram group could be potentially dangerous, with the possibility of fake accusations and biased opinions being spread around.

The risk of things escalating into harassment and defamation were also raised as reasons why the idea should not be carried out.

Source: The Straits Times

The Google sheet was titled, “Dating Guide SG”, and had two separate tabs labelled “Blacklist” and “Avoid”, and each tab contained fields for names, reasons why they were listed, as well as links to their social media profiles.

The reasons provided were quite varied, and included accounts of sexual assault, abuse, voyeurism, and infidelity on the “Blacklist” tab, as reported by Mothership SG.

On the “Avoid” the sins included staying on multiple dating apps while dating someone, being “desperate asf” and clingy, sending inappropriate sexual messages, only talking about themselves or cryptocurrency, or even being an “avid gamer.”

Whilst some concerns rose about the credibility of these accusations and experiences, Koh explained in a follow up video that she personally vetted all the users in the group chat.

However, she admitted that she had not thought of setting clear boundaries to moderate the discussions in the chat.


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The 22 year old also admitted not taking notice of how the group chat was slowly turning into a place solely for girls to vent out their frustrations about certain guys.

Lawyer Joshua Tong of Kalco Law told The Straits Times that Ms Koh may be liable to criminal prosecution under the Protection from Harassment Act.

“Although the contributors may also face the same fate, the authorities’ first port of call would likely be the group’s creator,” said Tong.

Under the law, those who publish the personal information of another to cause harassment, alarm or distress, may be jailed for up to six months and fined up to $5,000 (RM15,470).

Source: Mothership SG

“The document is very incriminating and I do regret its existence,” Koh said about the sheet. “I have since asked the creator of the google sheet to delete the document.”

Whilst her intentions may be innocent and, some said in the TikTok’s comments section, “a power move for the girls,” the mistake was in the execution and lack of moderation.

What do you think about the excel sheet? Is it a power move, or simply a prosecution pending?