Indie Pop Band M1LDL1FE is Set to Perform at Two Music Festivals in Malaysia

Formerly known as Take Two, the boys (Paddy Ong, Tan Peng Sing, David Siow, and Jeryl Yeo) have grown exponentially in both work and personal life. So the name change to M1LDL1FE was not only inevitable, it was also an indication of a new music chapter for the indie pop band from Singapore, almost like “looking for a new pair of jeans,” as described by the guys themselves.

Spirited, introspective, and slightly odd in character, M1LDL1FE took some time to adjust to the changes after the departure of their founding guitarist, but that shift in atmosphere didn’t stop them from music-making. In fact, it helped them curate their eponymous EP – a collection of stories on the residue of loss and change.

Known for their energetic live shows (they’ve previously opened for Walk the Moon, Travis, and Death Cab for Cutie), the music of M1LDL1FE is very much guitar-driven, armed with a fresh and grittier sonic palette thanks to the vocals of Paddy, formerly of Run Tiger Neon. The latest EP sees the release of two singles ‘Distraction’ and ‘How You Forget’, both tracks topping the charts in their native Singapore.

In support of their self-titled EP, M1LDL1FE will drop by Malaysia for a show in two different music festivals.

Johor Bahru Arts Festival 2017: Spectrum
Date Saturday 18 November ’17
Time 9.45pm – 10:15pm
Venue The ViBe @ Vantage Bay, Stulang, Johor Bahru

Cyberjaya Music Festival
Date Saturday 25 November ’17
Time 8pm – 8.45pm
Venue Centrus Mall, Lingkaran Cyber Point Timur & Persiaran Multimedia, Cyberjaya

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