Here’s How You Can Help To Improve English Literacy in B40 Children By Reading To Them on WhatsApp

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source: Rainbow of Hope Sabah on Facebook

Literacy in children is extremely important in building an educated and cultured society capable of creativity and critical thinking.

While books are an integral part of the learning system and most kids are capable of reading and writing in both Bahasa Malaysia and English in the city, the same cannot be said for a vast majority of kids within the B40 communities in rural areas as well as in the cities.

In fact, there is a concerning amount of children who can’t understand English within this community which is why MYreaders, an NGO has stepped in to fill that gap.

MYreaders consists of English teachers, volunteers and older students who are dedicated to teach the language to those who are weak in it.

Funded through grants, corporate partnerships and donations, this after-school project is usually held on Saturdays at schools and even homes.

The goal of this project is to read to children and guide them as they learn the language.


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What makes it unique is that the project integrates books that feature Malaysian characters and stories so the children can see themselves in the tales that they are reading.

As of right now, MYreaders has helped over 32,000 children across Malaysia with the help of 92 parents, 777 teachers and 780 volunteers.

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The initiative is in constant need of more volunteers and naturally, if we banded together, we can help our children improve their English literacy and become an outstanding member of society.

To register as a volunteer and read to kids through WhatsApp, click here.

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