7 of the Most Curious Cocktails Made With Cognac

If we told you there were a drink that could make you feel closer to John Lennon or one that could cure your hangover, how much money would you pay us to make it for you? Lucky for you, we’re too lazy to do it no matter how much you paid us, but we’d like to share recipes of cognac-based cocktails that would be great for you and your friends to attempt to make in the comfort of your own homes.

Cognac’s got a reputation for being mostly enjoyed by older folks and can be intimidating for non-brandy drinkers to try, which is why the best way to be introduced to it is through cocktails. Before getting started, you’d need to have a good base. For this cocktail experiment, we’d recommend using a bottle from Martell’s cognac line — either the Martell NCF or Martell VSOP. Why? Well, its tasting notes and smooth fruity fresh finish are the perfect combination to compliment cocktails. It holds a good balance and is a drink you’d want to try is what we’re saying. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s make cocktails!

To celebrate its legacy, Martell’s current campaign — entitled ‘Be Curious’ — is one that aims to introduce new experiences that will reignite a person’s curiosity or to shift their perspective to look at the world from a different angle. Join its #BeCurious movement by treating yourself to a bottle of its cognac.

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