Immerse Yourself in the Experimental @ Main Wayang’s ‘Layang’

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Main Wayang proudly presents Layang this upcoming weekend at Kongsi KL. The multimedia theatre performance will explore and touch on the topic of migration, displacement, and isolation; both in its physical act and consequent psychological and spiritual implications. All through a single performer-driven narrative.

The night will be full of projection, shadow theatre, digital visual effects, live acting, and experimental music.

Photo by Daniel Trinidad

Main Wayang is a performing arts collective focused on seeking alternative ways to create a full theatre experience that employs minimal elements and a minimal production. This time they’re bringing up contemporary issues affecting the human condition via tools of technology, movement and motion of the human body – to audiences, staged within the sparse yet spirited confines of Kongsi KL’s warehouse.

Main Wayang believes strongly in making their performances accessible to every walk of life, therefore there will be no ticketing or entrance fee.  But in order to successfully run the show, they are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to help cover production costs. For every contribution made, the team will express their gratitude through various fun, creative rewards.

To help them out click here, or just come to the show this weekend!

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