From Wattpad To The Big Screen: How A 25y/o M’sian Author Scored An International Film Deal

source: Instagram

It’s no secret that most aspiring authors would regard a film deal as a milestone in their careers, perhaps with just as much value as official publication.

Malaysia-born Claudia Tan is living this particular dream, currently awaiting the release of Prime Video’s Perfect Addiction, a film based on a Wattpad story she wrote when she was only sixteen.

Its plot centres around romance and infidelity, whereby Sienna, a boxing trainer, finds out that her boyfriend, the “current reigning champion”, is cheating on her with her younger sister. Engulfed in rage, Sienna sets out to get revenge.

source: Claudia’s TikTok

The 100-part story garnered nearly 86 million reads at the time, and Wattpad eventually reached out to Claudia with an offer to publish Perfect Addiction as well as her other books, noting that they would potentially be adapted into movies.

But it wasn’t easy- Claudia didn’t hear back from Wattpad for an entire year, during which she focused on other writing projects and music; another one of her talents.

source: Claudia’s TikTok

Finally, in mid-2021, announcements regarding the film were publicly released, with a stellar cast that Claudia had never anticipated. Among them are Kiana Madeira from the Fear Street Trilogy, Matthew Noszka of Let It Snow and Ross Butler, who you’re definitely familiar with if you’ve seen 13 Reasons Why.

source: Claudia’s TikTok

Claudia even had the chance to travel to Europe to visit the set, meet the cast members and watch her brainchild come to life right in front of her:

source: Claudia’s TikTok

The movie’s premier in scheduled for spring 2023, when subscribers of Prime Video will be able to see the film across Europe (apart from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria), the Caribbean, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

We get to enjoy steamy snippets and posters to further build up the excitement in the meantime, as Wattpad promises to deliver “the sexiest revenge film of the year”:

Watch the trailer here:

We wish Claudia all the best, and look forward to celebrating yet another local success story!