If You’re Having A Bad Day, These 6 Local Youtubers Are Here To Cheer You Up

(Source: LiewCF Tech Blog)

Youtube was once just a platform for people to enjoy short videos for entertainment but with social media growing exponentially, it has launched the careers of countless creative minds who are making content that users watch on a daily basis. Who would’ve thought that making videos about your interests/obsessions or just featuring your ‘likeable’ personality could earn you money?

Malaysia’s YouTube scene might be smaller than that of other countries, but you know what they say–the smaller the pool the weirder the fish, or something like that… whatever the challenges of living in this multicultural nation, these 6 local YouTubers have not stop doing what they love. Check ’em!

Harvinth Skin

He gained popularity due to his hilarious Indian accent and discussions on Malaysian culture through sketches or songs in his vids. If you need someone to fix your bad day, he could be the one. He started off on Youtube over 4 years ago and his most watched video is this song skit that he made with his friends:



This young, energetic woman can play the guitar and croon. Starting 9 years ago singing covers on YouTube, she is now an host for many brands including Samsung and Pandora. Intermittently featuring her boyfriend, Jon Liddell in her vids, she makes creative and funny videos and sponsored content on her channel like this video for Clinique’s Moisture Surge:


Johanis Sani

Challenges, travel vlogs, makeup tutorials, covers, you name it and she’s done it. She’s one of the fastest upcoming local youtuber with over 145k subscribers and has even landed an interview with FEMALE magazine. She has also interviewed the American musician, Alex Aiono and has created sponsored content for brands like McDonalds Malaysia. Check out the interview with Alex Aiono:


Cupcake Aisyah

She may be young but she is already an entrepreneur–selling squishy toys 4 years ago and making about RM800 to RM1k in profit from it. That’s quite the achievement for being 15 at that time. She does travel vlogs, makeup tutorials and challenges, and is close friends with Johanis Sani. On Instagram, you can tell that she has a great sense of style. Since Raya just ended, you should watch the vlog that she did:


Vikar World

Parodies are what he is famous for and he never disappoints when he passionately argues about political and racial issues that are tearing Malaysia apart, and does it in a humorous way. This guy will make you laugh with his genuine opinions and witty criticism. Check out this video he made:



He’s a DJ by day but also pursues his dream of being a video content creator who makes short films and skits. His videos are close to Malaysians’ hearts as he himself is an ordinary Malaysian Joe, or, Ah Boy. JinnyBoy’s at his best when he pokes fun at Malaysian culture, resulting in videos like this:


You may or may not know these youtubers, but they are certainly here to stay for the long run. Who knows they might even inspire some of you out there to showcase your charming personality. As Malaysians, we should stand beside aspiring creators like them in order to expand our Malaysian YouTube scene. All said, it’s better than watching local TV…